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really really want everybody to listen to if i’m by sea oleena.  i can get very far into this.  

listen or buy the record


i take your life 

so i can give you mine

i built a knife 

so i could impart time

i swallowed grief  

so i could spew out shame

i wet the leaves 

so i could whistle all the same

-megan james

poet me

here i begin to post poetry for i am the poet

thank you and, welcome!!!!

if i cut off the tips of my fingers

maybe i’d see what ran through me

i would watch myself drip

into the widening pool of proof 

that i am a mystery

even to me

-megan james



I just want to get closer to you by Kaye Blegvad.

Kaye’s a genius. Cut open my sternum and pull

similar thoughts, community or not…


Thanks angela lewis for posting all these photos, 

I made the clothes.  

tallulahfontaine tattoo 

tallulahfontaine tattoo 


need to see calore live before i die.


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